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Train Games

1876v2 Trinidad


Railroad Frenzy in Trinidad, again!

The railways come to Trindad, again. They won't rest, until every town, village, beach, rock, etc. is connected to their evergrowing rail network. Whopping 35 (thirtyfive!) buildable hexes await the engineers of all 5 (five!) railroads. Each railraod has an equal chance of getting its place in railroad history (equal chance of economical success cannot be guaranteered).


OK, I did it again. A long time after Trinidad (1876) my first and only 18xx design, design fever has struck me gain. In contrast to the original 1876, which was an attempt on the smallest challenging 18xx, my design goals have switched to a small 18xx. In contrast to Mark Derrick's designs and the 1851 spin-off, being a good beginner's 18xx was not a goal.

BTW: Nice, really small 18xx designs, beside others on the classical 12 hex Trinidad map, are in development by Tom Schoeps (Powerrails).

Initially I needed a small 18xx to test some experimental rules. This version, 1876v2-x is in early development stage. After I started this project, I realized the possibility to re-use the map design for a 1830 map variant. This version 1876v2-30 will be available real soon now.

Finally I settled for the middle ground: I designed 1876v2 with some special rules and using totally new trains so that is more than a pure 1830 map variant. I restrained myself from changing the rules away from accepted general 18xx, and will save this ideas for the '-x' version.

1876v2 is ready for initial playtest. You can make yourself all components aside from the 1830 rulebook and 1830 share price index. The necessary files are at 76v2 Playtest Kit. You'll need the free GhostScript software to print these files.

Whether you want to build your own game or not, have a look at the 76v2 Rulesheet.