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Train Games

1876v2 Trinidad

© Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 by Peter Jacobi, Hamburg, Germany

Playtest Kit

ver0.106 2001-06-11

ZIP Archive

Uncompressed Postscript Files

76v2beta.ps [168k]
Complete game board reduced by 0.5, print to A4 enlarge to A2 using copier, also as 4 sheets in 1:1 scale.
Map reduced by 0.7071, print to A4 enlarge to A3 using copier, also as 2 sheets in 1:1 scale.
Tile manifest, prints b/w on b/w and colored on color printers.
Tile sheets, print b/w on b/w and colored on color printers Use either b/w print on colored paper or color print on white.
S76v2beta.ps [16k]
Other game components: shares, company tableaus, trains, money. Use b/w print on colored paper.